Sewing Clothes that Fit

Clothes that Fit Me Perfectly

I am 5’8″, with long arms, long legs, and a long back.  Off the rack clothing is not made to fit that body type, especially with a larger bust.  Even as a child, before that bust issue, I loved having clothes that fit me perfectly.  My mother was a talented seamstress, and I walked in her footsteps.  I made my own clothes in college, and later made clothes for my own children.

I strive to wear modest garments, and wanted that for my own children.  For boys, buying tee-shirts and jeans was a pretty straightforward process, but for my girls … Ooo-la-la!  I didn’t want my 6yo daughters wearing dresses cut such that they shouldn’t be worn by adult women in public!  So, being able to sew dresses for my own girls was fabulous.

The Peaceful, Calming Hobby

As a hobby, sewing  provided me with a creative outlet that also calms me.  Even when I have to “unsew” a seam, I have peace in the process.

A New Series

I want to start a series about sewing garments and home decor.   I invite you to join me in a creative community of other people who also love to sew.

Colette Patterns, Snippets, and Seamwork

At Colette , the patterns are designed to actually teach you how to sew, and to help you get the best fit from each garment.  They are my favorite pattern company  for women’s garments.  I rarely have to alter the patterns, but when I do need to do this, the directions are right there, and Sarai Mitnick & her staff are very helpful, too!

In addition to the Shop itself, there is a Blog with archived tutorials, some free patterns & downloads, and an email list called Snippets for weekly hints & tips!

Then, there is Seamwork, a monthly magazine membership, bringing you a library of wardrobe-building patterns, updated with at least 2 new designs every month, for only $7!  Here is a link to get your first month for just $3!

You’ll also get articles, inspiration, and exclusive pattern hacks delivered right to your inbox monthly.  Please join us!