Happy Thanksgiving

It didn’t even occur to me to photograph our Thanksgiving Day or meal until it was over.  The food was cooked & eaten.  The family went to their respective homes.

Then, I got on Facebook and saw the photographic evidence of Thanksgiving among my friends.  It didn’t occur to me to photograph our day!  ACK!

Trust me when I tell you that the food was good.  The company was awesome.  There is so much to be thankful for.  Thank You, God!

The First Snow

Lots of excitement surrounds the first snow of 2016!

Gorgeous Granddaughter called this morning to tell me that there was SNOW on the slide in her yard!  I looked outside, and told her I saw snow on the slide in MY YARD, TOO!!  She giggled!  How I love it when Gorgeous giggles!


Handsome Grandson & Beautiful Granddaughter came to visit today.  They like to play outside, and now there is no snow on my slide any more!  LOL